Ncell App Camp 2015 award winners

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s leading mobile service operator, Ncell, has handed over cheques and certificates to winners and finalists of Ncell App Camp 2015. The app camp being held each year is the biggest annual app development conclave of the country. The winners were announced on December 22, 2015. Team Unnamed (VR) had won the grand prize of Ncell App Camp 2015. It was also the winner under the ‘Games and Entertainment’ category. In the ‘Health’ category, Skin Consult was the winner. Pinpeaks and Nidarr had won the prizes under ‘Tourism’ and ‘Utilities’ categories, respectively. Amid a function on Monday, the four winning teams were handed over cheques and certificates, while 20 other finalists were honoured with certificates. Being the grand winner, Unnamed (VR) won a total cash prize of Rs 750,000 (Rs 250,000 as category winner and Rs 500,000 as grand prize winner). The other three winners under each category bagged cash prize of Rs 250,000 each. Andras Pali, ICT Director of Ncell handed over the cheque and certificate to grand prize winner Unnamed (VR).