Ncell Ramailo SMS

KATHMANDU: Ncell has launched a new campaign named ‘Ramailo SMS’, subscribing to which Ncell prepaid customers will be able to send unlimited SMS to any other Ncell number at a mere 10 paisa per SMS.

Ramailo SMS is coming into effect from October 8, as per a press statement issued on Wednesday. Under the campaign, all Ncell prepaid subscribers can activate Ramailo SMS for a day at two rupees, excluding taxes. Following the activation, they will be able to send as many SMS as they want to any Ncell number at 10 paisa per SMS during the day.

Customers can subscribe to the campaign one time, valid for a day by typing ‘D1’ in message box and sending it to 17119. If they prefer, they can also subscribe recurring pack straightaway by typing ‘D’ in their respective message box and sending it to 17119 which would ensure that customers get the same pack automatically on expiry of the pack.

Daily pack under Ramailo SMS is valid until midnight. Ramailo SMS is valid for three months unless withdrawn earlier.