NEA buys Indian power to supply eastern region

Biratnagar, August 10:

Nepal Electricity Authority bought electricity worth of Rs 940 million from Indian government in the previous fiscal year to supply electricity in the eastern region.

The eastern regional directorate of the authority said it had bought 280.39 million units of electricity from India. 250.72-million unit was bought from 132 KB transmission line and 20.67-million unit from 33 KB transmission line.

The authority has been buying electricity from India, as electricity supplied from the central electricity transmission line of Nepal having 132 KB capacity is not enough for electricity need in the eastern region.

Regional director of the authority, Dhruv Narayan Singh said electricity is being bought

for transmission in the eastern region. He said, 132 KB transmission line coming from India is connected to Duhabi and Bhantabari of Sunsari and the 33 KB transmission line is connected to 1 and 2 grids of Rajbiraj and Biratnagar.

Singh added, “More electricity had to be bought due to the increasing population in the eastern region.” He also informed that the purchase of electricity increased in the last FY as the tower providing 132 KB transmission line at Rupani of Saptari was damaged.

Meanwhile, under Nepal-India Electricity Exchange programme, Nepal is also selling electricity

to India. Indian cities like Jogbani and Thakurgunj are being supplied with electricity from

Biratnagar and Bhadrapur respectively.

According to the regional directorate, the authority sold 30. 77 million units of electricity to India from Biratnagar and Bhadrapur in the last fiscal year.

According to the regional directorate, Nepal is buying electricity at the rate of Rs 3.21 per unit from 132 KB transmission line and Rs 2.4 per unit from 33 KB transmission line from India.

Similarly, Nepal sells electricity to India at the rate of Rs 3.48 per unit from Bhadrapur and at

Rs 3.74 per unit from Biratnagar. There is a provision of increasing the price of electricity by

.5 per cent each year according to the agreement between Nepal and India.