Nepal Airlines airlifts ATF from Kolkata

Kathmandu, October 8

Keeping in mind the trouble that people could face during the upcoming festive season of Dashain and Tihar, and also to make sure that it can operate its flights on schedule, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) today airlifted fuel from Kolkata.

Due to the ongoing protests in the Tarai and the unofficial economic blockade imposed by India, the country has been reeling under severe shortage of petroleum products and essential commodities.

In fact, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), to make sure that domestic carriers would not be grounded for want of fuel, had issued a notice on September 29, asking all international airline companies to refuel at their base stations or manage technical landing for refuelling at nearest airport.

NAC, today, airlifted 66 tonnes of Aviation Turbine Fuel from Kolkata through its Boeing 757 aircraft. The aircraft made two trips for the purpose. The fuel has been handed over to NOC and will be utilised as and when necessary. Nepal Airlines Corporation also informed that it would arrange for such chartered flights to airlift fuel in the future too if necessary.