Nepal Telecom offers festive discount tariff rates

Kathmandu, October 6:

Nepal Telecom has allowed promotional discount on its services like PSTN, C-Phone Fixed, VSAT, GSM mobile Service, post-paid and pre-paid, CDMA mobile service and Sky Phone since October 1 to November 15.

From Sunday to Friday, the rate of international calls and calls made from one district to another through PSTN, C-Phone, VSAT will be Rs 3 per minute. The previous rate was Rs 3.50 per minute from 8 am to 6 pm. Calls made between 6pm-10pm and 6am-8am will cost Rs 2 per minute. The previous rate was Rs 2.50 per minute.

Airtime charge for Nepal Telecom Mobile service calls except V-SAT made within the same district for GSM post-paid from Sunday to Friday (between 8am-8pm) will be Rs 1.60 per minute. The previous rate was Rs 2.40 per minute. Calls made between 6am-8am and 8pm-10pm will cost the same, i.e., Rs 1 per minute and the charge per minute between 10pm-6am will be 75 paisa.

On Saturdays, the charge for GSM post-paid mobile call which is Rs 1 per minute will be the same from 8am-8pm, 6am-8am and 8pm-10pm while it will be 75 Paisa from 10pm-6am.

In GSM pre-paid mobile service the charge has been reduced to Rs 2 per minute from Rs 3.20 from Sunday to Friday (8am-8pm, 6am-8 am and 8pm-10 pm) while the charge will be 75 paisa between 10pm-6am. The same rate will be charged on Saturdays too for GSM pre-paid mobile.

The charge for CDMA Sky Phone pre-paid will be Rs 1.80 per minute from Sunday to Saturday from 6am-10 pm while the charge will lessen to 75 paisa from 10pm-6am.

Special discounts have been granted between 8pm-8am and 10pm-6am. The call charge through Nepal Telecom Network’s Company Prepaid Calling card or Easy Card by access code 1424 to America and Canada has also been reduced to Rs 6 from Rs 8 per minute.

An NT release said the call charge from Nepal Telecom Mobile Service to Spice Nepal Mobile Service has also been minimized to an extent.