Nepal’s development vision for 20 years

Kathmandu, February 23:

For the present state of co-untry, everyone blames political leaders and their lack of vision. Political parties have, also, for long felt that they should bring — in black and white — their vision of a prosperous, developed and just Nepal.

One of the key players in Nepali politics, Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist) — CPN (UML) — became the first and brought its 20-year vision for a just and prosperous Nepal.

The 20-year road-map — prepared by various groups of intellectuals including Prof Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar, Dr Dilli Raj Khanal, Dr Govind Thapa, Dr Pusparaj Rajkar-nikar and Bharat Mohan Adhikari — has eight chapters dedicated to political and economic history of Nepal, Jana Andolan II, challenges, vision for development, policy for economic prosperity and human development, foreign policy and Karnali.

“Nepal has vast natural and manpower resources. It has everything that a country needs for its development but still its one of the poor countries,” writes Madhav Kumar Nepal in the preface of the book. “Due to lack of vision and effective management.”

Nepalis are politically conscious but still they are far behind in the development index and are forced to fight for democracy again and again. If democracy has to survive, there is no alternative to economic prosperity and development. Political consciousness without economic independency will fail and has failed.

Thus, at the moment, vision of a prosperous and developed Nepal is what Nepalis want and CPN (UML) has brought that vision, where it has critised some of past policies and lauded others. There are some realisations and some hypothesis also.

Vision Nepal is a capsule, that might encourage others also to think seriously, for the ailing country.