Nepali, Lankan entrepreneurs interact

Biratnagar, December 10:

At an interaction between Nepali and Sri Lankan industrialists in Biratnagar yesterday, participants stressed on the need for equitable economic development for lasting peace in Nepal. They pointed out the private sector was a major stakeholder s and that it should take part in the process through responsible entrepreneurship.

The interaction was organised by FNCCI, Morang Industry Organisation, Morang Trade Association, GTZ and International Alert on the impact of conflict, sustainable peace and equitable economic development.

Speakers on the occasion said that the private sector could play a major role in resolving local-level conflicts and that it should learn lessons from Sri Lanka and develop its own model for it. Team leader of Business for Peace Alliance, Sri Lanka, and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Dr Anura Ekanaike spoke about the social and economic situation in Sri Lanka and said the Nepali private sector could play an important role to take the peace process to a happy conclusion. Experts also offered their comments on three working papers presented by the Nepali and Lankan entrepreneurs.