Nepse allows trading of some companies

Kathmandu, October 31:

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) allowed share transaction of eig-ht firms after they paid their renewal fee. However, only Nepal Bangladesh Bank’s shares have been traded at the floor today.

“Some of the companies — whose shares are not being traded at the floor for a long time and have not paid renewal fee from last year — could be delisted,” Rewat Bahadur Karki, general manager and chief executive officer of the Nepse said adding that after a little wait for them to come to Nepse for renewal, the process of delisting will start.

On Monday, Nepse publishing a notice had freezed share transactions of 24 companies including a five star Hotel Yak & Yeti, Nepal Bangladesh Bank and Deprox Development Bank after they failed to pay renewal fees.

However, Nepse has recorded a whopping growth of 13.97 points today to post 878.86 points.

“The pertaining issue is what will happen to the small shareholders of those companies when they are delisted,” said Mahesh Pandit, an investor adding that there is always a danger of making fool of the small investors by promoters as they can amass wealth and declare the company a bankrupt.

“Promoters must be brought to the book to protect the small investors from being cheated,” he said adding that Necon Air’s shares used to be traded at Rs 700 but now the investors are on the road. “How can investors get their money back and promoters brought to the book?” he asked.

The government must prepare a mechanism for the protection of investors in case the companies like Nepal Med Ltd and Bansbari Leatherage run over night amassing public’s money.