Nepse index stumbles from four to three figures

Kathmandu, September 27:

While last week the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index gained 8.19 points on closing day to rest at 1004.28 points, this week it lost 35.69 point to touch down at 941.12 points.

The market opened at a low of 976.81 point. On Monday, it dropped to 952.64 points and lowered further to 951.28 points on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it slid down to 945.07 and closed at 941.12 points.

In monetary value, Bank of Kathmandu (Rs 50.45 million), Laxmi Bank (Rs 49.57 million), Sanima Bikas Bank (Rs 48.32 million), Lumbini Bank (Rs 38.86 million) and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal (Rs 29.16 million)topped.

Shares of 91 companies were traded but there was no transaction of government bonds or debentures.

According to transaction amount (Rs 5.04 crore) Bank of Kathmandu, in terms of number of shares (155,00) Lumbini Bank Limited and interms of Number of Transaction (503) Prabhu Finance were in the forefront.