Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index saw a fall of 63.11 points on the first trading day of the week, closing at 2,905.32 a 2.13 per cent plunge, on Sunday.

The country's sole secondary market saw all three indices -- benchmark index, sensitive index and float index -- in red today.

The sensitive index measuring the performance of Class 'A' stocks went down by 2.32 per cent or 12.57 points to 528.55 points. Similarly, the float index that gauges the performance of shares actually traded also fell by 2.16 per cent or 4.44 points to 200.92 points.

A total of 27,344,511 units of shares of altogether 231 companies were traded at Rs 11.819 billion in the market today. After the share transaction, market capitalisation stood at Rs 4.036 trillion.

All the sub-indices also recorded a loss today with the Life insurance index leading the pack of losers with 342.11-point loss followed by the Non-life insurance index with 276.96 points.

In today's market hydropower companies were at the forefront of those that lost the most.

The hydropower companies were also in the majority in the list of 51 companies enlisted by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) on Tuesday saying that the share values of these companies were overvalued due to 'irregular practices'.