Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), the sole secondary market of the country, saw a huge improvement of nearly a 100-points on the first trading day of the week.

The Nepse index rose by 97.21 points, on Sunday, a 3.37 per cent increase to 2,980.61 points.

In today's market, the daily turnover also saw an increase with a total of 28,863,093 unit shares of 221 companies traded for Rs 11.638 billion.

The sensitive index, which measures the performance of Class 'A' stocks, also rose by 3.61 per cent or 19.55 points to 560.96 points.

Similarly, the float index that gauges performances of shares actually traded also rose by 3.82 per cent or 7.66 points to 208 points.

Likewise, all the sub-indices were in the green today with the life insurance index leading the pack of the gainers with a 646.83 point rise followed by Non-Life insurance with 441.22 points.

At the end of the day, the total market capitalisation reached Rs 4.146 trillion.