KATHMANDU: NIC Asia Bank, on the occasion of its 22nd anniversary, has launched a new savings account dubbed ‘Super Chamatkarik Bachat Khata’ among 11 variants of the savings and deposit series to cater to the saving psychology of Nepali people.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of its Chamatkarik Bachat Khata series, the bank has launched a new bouquet of saving series with the sole intention of offering unbeatable savings products to the customers representing diverse segments of the population, as per a press release.

The biggest highlight of the Super Chamatkarik Bachat Khata is that this savings product offers a customer a group insurance benefit of up to Rs 13.15 million for the family members, in addition to propositioning all lifestyle banking benefits and ensuring financial security of the family. The benefits offered are unmatched and largest in Nepali banking history.