NID adds smart data analysis tool

KATHMANDU: Nepal in Data (NID) initiative has added an additional feature called ‘Smart Data Analysis’ tool to its portal,

The aim of adding the new tool is to make data analysis and its use easier for federal, provincial and local governments, people’s representatives, civil society organisations,

media, development agencies, academics, students and other users.

Using ‘Smart Data Analysis’, users can quickly analyse various data and generate graphs, charts, values, etcetera easily and free of cost. The users can use the data contained in the portal selecting any indicator related to desired section at desired level of locality (Nepal, province or local level) to analyse and get the results. Additionally, they can upload their own data and get the results as well.

Both kinds of data, that is, time series and cross-sectional data can be analysed by selecting desired features.

Time series data can be analysed with various statistical tools like trend line, growth rate, absolute difference, moving average, ratio, correlation, linear forecast, etcetera whereas minimum, maximum, top five, bottom five, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, confidence interval, correlation, etcetera tools are used in cross sectional data analysis.