Nimbus introduces healthy soya cakes

KATHMANDU: Pro Bio-tech Industries Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Nimbus Group, has started production of de-oiled soya bean

cake (DOC) in Nepal. DOC is a major raw material of animal and poultry feed.

Nimbus is producing animal and poultry feeds under ‘Shakti’ brand since a decade. The company is producing 300 metric tonnes per day in a plant installed in Birgunj at

a cost of Rs 300 million. “We can also export to neighbouring areas of India,” said Anand Bagaria, managing director.

Nimbus is marketing DOC which has 46 per cent protein content under the brand name SoyaMaxx. Production of soya feed can encourage farmers to cultivate soya bean. Nimbus has got positive feedback in its test launch of SoyaMaxx in the Indian Market, Bagaria said.