NMB loan campaign

KATHMANDU: NMB Bank has launched a campaign for its SME products ‘NMB Sulav Karja’ and ‘Personal Business Loan’. Under ‘NMB Bank Sulav Karja’, the bank will provide loan facility from Rs 0.5 million to a maximum of Rs five million with a processing period of five days. The loan will be available to registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The bank also introduced ‘Personal Business Loan’ to finance individual entrepreneurs with loan amount ranging from Rs 0.3 million to Rs 1.5 million. The loan can be availed by unregistered small and medium enterprises as well. Introduced in the last fiscal year, NMB Bank Sulav Karja has been successful in accomplishing the bank’s vision of working towards fulfilling the business funding requirement of micro and SMEs who have limited or no access to finance and empower such businesses/individuals for growth, said a statement issued by bank.