NOC-GDBN team to check malaise

Kathmandu, March 21:

The Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal (GDFN) along with Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) will soon form an investigation team to control the blackmarketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders and check the exchange of cylinders.

According to Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal president Gyaneshwor Aryal,

there are several gas industries which were caught

red-handed doing illegal things in the supply of LPG household cylinders and were found blackmarketing during the shortage of LPG in the market.

“There might be thousands of gas cylinders whose footings have been changed and which pose a high risk of house hold accidents,”

he said. “The investigative team will be able to control the shady goings on in

the market,” Aryal said adding that NOC and Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal are working for the formation of the team which will be mobilized very soon.

According to Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal, due to lack of awareness consumers are being cheated and being handed gas cylinders having less weight than what is written on them. TO control this problem, Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal will also introduce the weighing system.

Due to non-scientific management and non- investigation of household cylinders circulated, consumers are repeatedly being cheated both in the quality and quantity of LPGs cylinders, said Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal.

Industrialists also have been complaining about the improper density mix in LPG. According to international standards, LPG should have 60 per cent propane and 40 per cent butane.

Aryal said from March Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal has started consumer cards distribution in two more areas which include Dhumbarahi, Maaligaun, Gyaneshwor, Dillibazar, Putalisadak, Baghbazar, Anamnagar, Old Baneshwor, New Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Shantinagar, Gothatar, and Pepsi Cola while area number three includes Kapan, Mandikatar, Golfutar, Sukedhara, Chabahil, Jorpati, Bouddha, Mahakaal, Kumarigal, Attarkhel and Sundarijal.

The consumer cards distribution was initiated from area number one: Budhanilkanth, Bansbari, Lazimpat, Baluwatar, Thamel, Samakhusi, Gongabu, Sorakhutte, Dhapasi and Banasthali.

According to Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal (GDFN) , till date 1.4 lakh cards have been distributed. One card can be used for at least four years. Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal introduced the consumer card system on February 25.