NRNA for dual citizenship to Non Resident Nepalis

Kathmandu, October 17:

Non Resident Nepali (NRN) organizations in other nations can evoke a positive change in the economic condition of the country.

Speaking at a programme of Nepal Chambers of Commerce (NCC), vice-president of the Non Resident Nepali Association and president of NRN Japan International Monitoring Committee, Nirmal Hirachan said, “For rapid economic growth of the country, there should be dual citizenship for NRNs by making necessary changes in the NRN Act.”

Hirachan said since six years NRNs have been helping in the export of Nepali products to other countries and in inflow of foreign currencies. He added the 46 branches of the association located in different parts of the world would continue to help in the promotion of Nepali products in the world.

“Employment opportunities should enlarge so that the number of NRNs can be cut down. This way, the development of Nepal will be faster,” he said.

NCC president Surendra Bir Malakar said, “With the restoration of peace in our country, the development of water resources, medical sector, industries and tourism can be achieved and through NRNs’ investment there would be better economic prospects. The private sector should pressurise the government to create a friendlier environment for investment.”

NRN japan International Monitoring Committee general secretary Milan Bikram Thapa said, “Our group will hold new programmes soon to increase economic activity in Nepal.”