NRNA urges govt to provide employment to returnee workers


Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has requested the government to create an environment for the migrant workers, who have returned recently, to stay back in the country and work here.

Workers who have lost their jobs abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have returned home due to various problems should be resettled in the country, said NRNA Vice-president Badri KC.

During a virtual programme titled ‘Role of Non-Resident Nepali Association in the context of COVID 19’ organised by the Foreign Employment Journalists Society, KC said that the NRNA had spent about Rs 250 million to manage the workers who were stranded and lost their jobs abroad during the pandemic.

However, even though the situation seems normal now, the workers who were stranded and repatriated do not want to go abroad again.

“Respecting their decision, the government should provide employment or create an environment for such returnees to set up their own business here,” he added.

He further said that NRNA is also holding discussions with the government to create employment by managing the workers willing to work in the country. He also said that the NRNA would soon hold an employment conference with involvement of various agencies to create jobs within the country.

“It is also important to manage the skills the returnees have learnt abroad.”

Similarly, Nepali workers working abroad should also focus on commercial agriculture, he said. “Some Nepalis have returned after working in commercial agriculture for years. The skill should be developed in Nepal as well.”

Meanwhile, Yasmin Begum, a member of the NRNA International Coordination Council, said that COVID-19 had helped to collect some data on the number of migrant workers, which had never been done before. “During the pandemic, NRNA has played a role to send back stranded Nepali workers home particularly, women workers,” she said, expressing commitment to continue the assistance in the coming days as well.