Paddy plantation completed on 42pc of arable land

Kathmandu, July 11

Paddy plantation has been carried out on 42.65 per cent of total arable land of 1,552,469 hectares in the country until today, according to the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD).

As per MoAD, paddy plantation had been completed on only 42 per cent of arable land till July 15 last year.

“As a result of late monsoon, paddy plantation was a bit delayed this year. However, paddy plantation is picking up momentum in the country these days following adequate rainfall,” Yogendra Karki, spokesperson for MoAD, said.

According to him, the figure of paddy plantation until today is impressive this year compared to last year despite the late monsoon. Informing that a majority of farmers will plant paddy in the next one week, Karki said, “We are optimistic that paddy plantation will be carried out on around 94 per cent of the arable land this year akin to last year.”

The MoAD figure shows that paddy plantation has already been carried out on 59 per cent of 58,158 hectares of arable land in high-hills. Similarly, paddy plantation has been carried out on 51 per cent of the 399,675 hectares of arable land in mid-hills, while paddy plantation has been completed so far on 38 per cent of 1,095,636 hectares of arable land in Tarai.


Arable Land 

Plantation Completed 


58,158 hectares 

34,360 hectares 


399,675 hectares 

204,480 hectares 


1,094,636 hectares 

423,313 hectares 

Tarai is also known as the rice bowl of the country, as it contributes 70 per cent to the total rice production. It also covers 70 per cent of the total paddy cultivation area of the country.

In terms of development regions, far-western development region has topped the list. Paddy plantation has been carried out on 87 per cent of 175,560 hectares of arable land in far-west. Mid-western development region is in the second position, with paddy plantation carried in 47 per cent of 178,096 hectares of arable land so far.

Paddy production alone has more than 20 per cent contribution to the total agricultural production of Nepal.