Paddy plantation update

Paddy plantation has been carried out on 671,914 hectares of land, out of the 1,552,469 hectares of cultivable land as of July 9, as per Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives.

The figures translate to paddy plantation completed on 43.28 per cent of the arable land so far. Region-wise, the mid-hills was the forerunner with plantation carried out on 193,750 hectares or 48.48 per cent of the arable land.

It was followed by high-hills, where plantation has been completed on 27,137 hectares or 46.66 per cent of cultivable land, and Tarai with 451,027 hectares or 41.20 per cent of arable land.

It has to be noted, however, that over 70 per cent of paddy plantation area lies in Tarai, followed by mid-hills with over 25 per cent and the high-hills, with less than four per cent.


Arable land

Plantation completed


58,158 hectares

27,137 hectares


399,675 hectares

193,750 hectares


1,094,636 hectares

451,027 hectares