Petroleum Law vital for nation: NOC boss

Kathmandu, December 30:

Nepal needs Petroleum Law, experts said.

Digamber Jha managing director of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), speaking at a programme ‘Subsidy in gas, government’s role and dealers imvolvement,’ organised here by the Gas Dealers Federation said that the transporters do-not follow government’s policy. “The transport fare has not gone down despite the downward review of petroleum pro-ducts for four times,” he said.

Petroleum law is a must, Jha said adding that the government needs to come down heavily on those who donot follow its rules and regulations. “The government should enforce its rules strictly,” he suggested indicating the transport entrepreneurs cartelling.

NOC has been churning operating profit but it doesn’t have net profit, according to him. “NOC is not even in breakeven posatition,”Jha added. The price of petroleum products should be uniform in the bordering areas, otherwise there would be supply demand problem. “Government is planning to provide relief in kerosene and LPG prices,” he informed and added that NOC is holding discussion over the mechanism on subsidy to the students. NOC is for providing subsidy to students but people misused the earlier coupon system that was brought for the students. According to a survey there are six lakh students from plus two level to the university. “NOC is holding discussion with national trading and other related bodies on when and how to provide subsidy on LPGs,” he said.

NOC has been planning to provide subsidy for the down-trodden people and students. “But there are no actual data on down trodden people in the state,” Jha added.

“We are also been planning double pricing system and distributing consumer card,” Gyaneshwor Aryal, president, Gas Dealers Federation said adding that it is soon going to distribute one lakh consumer cards starting from the mid-January. “We are also planning some awareness campaign on safety measures during the use of LPGs,” he informed.

Ranjit Singh, General Secretary of LP gas Industry Federation also supported be double pricing. “The prices for the hotels that use for commercial purpose and general people should be different,” he said adding that hotel sector must also be taken into confidence.

“The colours of the cylinders could be different and the price for the commercial users should be higher,” Singh said.

Gajendra Karki of Nepal Students’ Union complained on unscientific pricing method while fixing transport fare or prices of the petroleum products. “The price review should be done according to a scientific mechanism,” he said suggecting that students cards is being misused by others besides students also.