Pigeon farming proves lucrative

Byas Shankar Upadhyaya

Rajbiraj, April 4:

Global Multiple Cooperative (GMC) is planning to introduce pigeon farming in Saptari


Some 5,269 women from 37 VDCs of Saptari are involved in the GMC. And its not money that they collect as a daily savings. Its a handful of rice that they collect as a daily savings.

Sukhram Yadav, GMC chairman said that pigeon farming was one of 40 projects selected by development market-place (Bikash Bazar), a World Bank-funded programme.

He said the project would be operated in conflict-hit rural areas under the WB-funded project ‘Launa, Ab ta kehi garaun.’

Mola Raman Upreti, GMC accountant said they have demanded Rs 13,97,000 out of the total estimated amount of Rs 16,68,000 from World Bank. Remaining amount would be covered by the GMC itself, he said.

A study conducted by the GMC stated that pigeon farming and trade was substantial in Pato, Kusaha, Ghoghidaha, Phattepur, Maleth, Mansapur, Raypur, Mallekpur, Kaderkhona, Kalyanpur, Mohanpur, Terhota, Itahatari Bishnupur, Pharse, Deuri Bharuwa, Basa-yen, Madhepura, Arnaha, Mangat, Shambhunath, Madhupatti Negada, Patthargada and Jamunamidhepura among 34 VDCs.

Speaking at a discussion programme organised by the GMC in Rajbiraj on Sunday, the participants said there was a good business potential for the pigeon farming as the demand for pigeon was high in the district and in bordering parts of India.

Murali Prasad Yadav, former FNJ chairman, Saptari branch, said pigeon farming could be started with a small capital and it would be less risky especially for women of conflict-hit area.