Nepalgunj, June 25 :

The number of pilgrims visiting Kailash Mansarovar has been increasing once again. Over 400 pilgrims returned to Nepalgunj after visiting Mansarovar this week.

A group of 20 Indian nationals returned to Nepalgunj after visiting Mans-arovar on Thursday, said, Nipun Singh, proprietor of Neha Tour and Travel. Aro-und 800 pilgrims would visit Mansarovar in June this year as the situation in the country is favourable, said Singh.

For the pilgrims of Nepal, India and third countries to go to Kailash Mansarovar, the Nepalgunj- Simikot route is the easiest way, said Binit Shah, station in charge of Buddha Air in Nepalgunj.

The pilgrims from India and third countries come to Nepalgunj and then fly to Simikot (Humla). They stay a night there go to Hilsa that lies on the Nepal-China border in helicopter. After 15 minutes of walk, they reach the Chinese territory and they could reach Mansarovar in a vehicle. Tourists from third countries go to Hilsa by trekking from Simikot.

Singh said, “It takes at least eight days to return from a visit to Mansarovar. If visitors’ want to go round the Kailash Parvat, it takes two more days. It costs Rs 100,000 to Rs 125,000 (Indian rupees) to each pilgrim for a return visit to Mansarovar,” Singh said.

The months June, August and September are considered as the suitable time to visit Mansarovar. Visitors and pilgrims said, lack of a good hotel with facilities of lodging and food in Simikot is a problem. There are only two hotels in Simikot. The number of visitors had decreased previously as Maoists used to create trouble for visitors.