Planning a revolution in electricals

Kathmandu, May 29 :

Established in 1958, Indo-Asian Fusegear Ltd is one of the largest and fastest growing electrical product companies in India. Ajay Wali, general manager, International Business, Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd, the manufacturer of the Hausmann products in India, was here in Nepal on the occasion of the launch of Hausmann range of electrical products in Nepal.

The Himalayan Times caught up with him for a talk on the future plans of the company in Nepal.

Indo Asian has already made its presence felt in India by introducing ‘miniature circuit breakers’ (MCB) for the first time, even before it joined hands with Hausmann, a German electrical appliance manufacturer some three years ago.

Hansraj Hulaschand & Co Pvt Ltd, one of the largest business houses in Nepal, is going to distribute the Hausmann products in Nepal.

Talking about the new alliance, Wali said, “Hausmann is the export brand of Indo Asian. With this, we have started invading the European markets as well.”

Giving an insight into his vision for the company and its export orientation, Wali said, “As an Indian exporter, if I am not exporting to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, what am I doing? Whether the market is there or not, we have to be here. If the market is not there, we have to create it.”

“If the company is sales driven then there is no market, but if it is marketing driven, then it will say, we have a good product, lets go and create the market. We believe in the second philosophy.”

According to him the company’s products cater to a wide range of clientele, from ‘the classes to the masses’. “We want to enrich the quality of life by ensuring safe, efficient and convenient use of electricity. We think electrical appliances are not only used to light a home, they are one of the most important things in a house. They give ambience and reflect the personality of the house-owner.”

“We have to make people aware of the benefits of the products they use. We are planning to educate Nepali customers on the benefits of using compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

South Asian countries like India and Nepal that suffer from perennial power crunch, can benefit from using CFLs as they consume less electricity and save money. We can calculate the costs and show it to the people,” added Wali.

To achieve this goal, the company is planning a series of advertisements in the local media, according to Wali.

The company has nine plants in India at present and is planning to set up a plant in Vietnam to capture the huge ASEAN market. As per Nepal, it is concentrating on leading the market here.

Hausmann range of products represent top-end German technology and it aims at giving safe, energy-efficient products to Nepali households in line with a modern lifestyle.