Plea to renew hotels contract

KATHMANDU: Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has urged to renew the contracts of the hotels — that were closed after

the government’s decision — in Chitwan National

Park (CNP).

“The role of these hotels has been important for developing Nepal as a tourist destination,” Prash-iddha Bahadur Pandey, president of HAN said adding that it was unfair to close them without notice.

They were closed down since July 16 after the contract span expired.

The president of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Kush Kumar Joshi warned that the foreign investment would be hurt, if the government continues to violate the clauses mentioned in the contract.

“The government should provide adequate time

for the hotels to develop their infrastructure to meet the criterion as prescribed by the government,” he

said adding that the members of HAN were denied the tender.

He also said that the government should award contract after tender. The contract of seven hotels should be renewed according to their existing contracts,” Joshi added.

The hotels in CNP were generating the revenue worth Rs 300 million and contributing in the employment generation to about 3,000 people.

Ram Kaji Koney, president of NATTA said that

the government decision has directly hit the 3,000 employees and locals

of Chitwan.

“The hotel entrepreneurs have been facing great difficulties due to the inability of the hotel entrepreneurs to address the frequent enquiries of the tourists about booking confirmation,” president of NATO Basanta Mishra said. “If the government do not address demands of hotel entrepreneurs within a week, the entire season would be wasted,” he said adding that it will affect the tourism sector in a long-term.

“Environmental and wildlife conservation have also been top priority of these hotel entrepreneurs,” Pandey said adding that the government should implement strict provisions if the hotel entrepreneurs fail in conservation programmes.

“If the closed hotels are not opened soon, Chitwan might be wipped out of the tourism destination map,” the entrepreneurs warned.