Pokhara city council cancels contract

Pokhara, August 5:

In the wake of tender called by Pokhara sub-metropolis for collecting vehicle tax, a contractor allegedly was provided a contract illegally by the sub-metropolis on July 17. The illegal contract has been cancelled later after a board meeting of sub-metropolis on Thursday.

According to Diwakar Bastola, acting officer in Pokhara sub-metropolis, the tender required to collect vehicle tax till next July. The zonal administration office, Gandaki had directed cancellation of the illegal contract as soon as possible. The sub-metropolis used to collect about five million rupees annually. According to a source, the board meeting of the city council had decided to cancel the illegal contract and to call for new tenders. The city council is the premier unit of the municipality so a decision made by that council can not be disregarded.

According to the newly-called tender, vehicle tax has been increased by above 200 per cent than the previous one. Tractor-owners in Pokhara used to pay Rs 150 as vehicle tax annually

during previous years, but according to the new tender notice, they now have to pay rs 500.

Similarly, the annual vehicle tax for a motorcycle was Rs 50 but the new tax has been fixed at Rs 75 in the new tender. But vehicle tax for buses, trucks, jeeps, cars and taxis has remained the same. Vehicle tax for bus/truck is Rs 1,200 rupees and Rs 250 for jeeps, cars and taxis.

The minimum tender amount has been fix at Rs 310,000 in the new tender notice. Locals as well as concerned authorities had forced the sub-metropolis not to provide illegal contract by ignoring the rules. The sub-metropolis had provided the contract to Bhima Kumari Subedi without calling for any tender on July 17. After calling off the illegal contract, the sub-metropolis itself has been collecting vehicle tax for some days.