Kathmandu, February 28 An organisation promoted by youths named, Bikas Udhyami, today launched the Udhyami Nepal portal in partnership with the National Youth Council of the government. Udhyami Nepal is an online portal that provides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with business information, and connects skilled workers to persons seeking services at free of cost. The www.udhyaminepal.com portal aims to help people to become a successful entrepreneur by providing the information they need to start, manage or grow their business. The platform provides its users as well as its followers on social media across Nepal with relevant, high quality information in easy to understand Nepali regarding various aspects of the business process, including business plan development, rules and regulations, management, financing, etcetera, thereby serving as a one-stop business guide. In addition, the platform aims to increase employment opportunities for unemployed and underemployed skilled workers such as electricians, plumbers and gardeners by connecting them directly to home service-seekers in Kathmandu Valley and vice-versa. For this, BikasUdhyami has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and National Skills Testing Board (NSTB). Through the platform, users can also connect to skills development opportunities, including those of the Training Division, CTEVT. On the occasion, Bikas Udhyami also published an e-book titled ‘Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal: Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Changing the Way Business is Done’. Through these stories, Bikas Udhyami hopes to inspire others, especially young Nepalis, to follow in their footsteps and explore social entrepreneurship in order to contribute to Nepal’s development in innovative ways.