Poultry price dips in Chitwan

NARAYANGARH:The price of broiler and layer chicken meat in Chitwan has dropped for the first time in seven months.

The price of broiler chicken meat, which was Rs 210 per kg seven months ago, has dropped to Rs 180 a kg. The price of layers’ meat has dropped to Rs 190 from Rs 200 a kg. Broiler meat price was highest in September when it hit a record Rs 220 a kg. Entrepreneurs said the price dropped due to production getting higher than demand.

Chitwan, the poultry capital of the country, which used to supply truckloads of chicken to Kathmandu before Dashain has been supplying only five truckloads of chicken to the valley for the last 20 days, according to Shiv Prasad Subedi, executive officer of Nepal Poultry Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Chitwan. He said traders in Kathmandu have imposed a ban on supply of chicken more than five trucks a day.

The price went up in the past after the government imposed a ban on import of chicken from India due to bird flu fears. Subedi said the production went up in Chitwan after the production of local chicks went up.