Prez tells NRNs to chip in for Nepal

Janakpur, October 13:

Nepal’s first president Dr Ram Baran Yadav inaugurated the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Day ceremony here today and urged all including NRNs to join hands for building a prosperous, peaceful and stable Nepal.

“Let’s not lose any opportunity to build a beautiful, prosperous, peaceful and stable Nepal at

this juncture of history,” he said. Laying stress on appropriate management of natural resources, Dr Yadav said, “It is necessary to carry out speedy development of the country while keeping nationality, national integrity and sovereignty intact.”

“Let’s change the traditional image of Nepal as a poor country. Our Himal, Mountain and Tarai regions are rich in natural resources and we need to scientifically manage the resources,” he said addressing the NRN’s in the land of Sita.

“Utilising natural resources wisely can change our future,” Dr Yadav said, hailing the role of NRNs in the country’s democratic movement. “Now, you have to play a greater role in bringing

prosperity to your motherland,” he told them.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Physical Planning and Works Bijay Kumar Gachhedar said it was necessary to keep the development sector free from politics. He also called for involvement of NRNs in infrastructure construction and reconstruction.

Non-Resident Nepali Association chairman Upendra Mahato said, “Irrespective of the domicile of Nepalis in any part of the globe, the country should be prosperous and powerful.” He also assured that the NRNs would help develop Janakpurdham — a confluence between Pahad and Madhes — as a model city.

FNCCI chairman Kush Kumar Joshi pointed out that while Janakpurdham was an important city from the religious viewpoint it was also necessary to develop it industrially.

On the occasion, President Dr Yadav felicitated the families of late Ram Swaroop Shah and Late Ram Sagar who contributed to the development of the education sector in Janakpurdham.

A total of 70 NRNs living in over 20 countries are attending the conference that began today in this historic town.