Veggie price falls on surplus supply

Kathmandu, February 24

Price of vegetables has plummeted significantly in the domestic market in recent days, thanks to the surplus supply of seasonal vegetables in the market.

As a result of vegetable supply exceeding the demand, retail price of major vegetables like tomato, potato, cabbage, cauliflower, bitter gourd (titey karela), eggplant and mushroom, among others, has dropped significantly over the last one month.

“Supply of vegetables, basically that of seasonal vegetables like tomato, cabbage and cauliflower, among others, has been increasing drastically in the market. As supply has exceeded the demand, vegetables have become cheaper these days, giving respite to the consumers,” Ramesh Dangol, planning officer of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board (KFVMDB), said. According to him, vegetable price is expected to rise gradually as the supply of seasonal vegetables will start to dwindle after around three weeks.

Statistics of KFVMDB show that the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market — a major vegetable bazaar — is receiving almost 950 tonnes of vegetables every day since a month, against the normal supply of 750 tonnes of vegetables.

Bharat Khatiwada, a vegetable wholesaler in Kalimati, said that the supply of vegetables from different sources across the country has gone up this season as farmers witnessed bumper harvest this year. “Owing to favourable monsoon last year, the production of vegetables was better across the country. This has resulted in surplus of vegetables in the market,” Khatiwada said.

KFVMDB data show that prices of cauliflower, potato and tomato in the retail market have fallen by 36 per cent, 28 per cent and 36 per cent in last one-month period. Cauliflower, which used to cost Rs 55 per kg a month back, was available at Rs 35 per kg today. Similarly, prices of potato and tomato have come down by Rs 10 a kg to Rs 28 per kg and Rs 20 a kg to Rs 36 per kg, respectively, over last one month.

In the similar manner, prices of bitter gourd and cabbage have dropped by 20 per cent and 28 per cent in the review period. Against its retail price of Rs 145 per kg and Rs 35 per kg a month ago, bitter gourd and cabbage were available today for Rs 115 a kg and Rs 25 per kg, respectively.

Similarly, prices of eggplant and mushroom have plunged by 18 per cent and 27 per cent to Rs 45 a kg and 105 a kg, respectively, in the retail market.