Private and public buildings to be monitored

Kathmandu, July 15

The huge destruction caused by the April and May earthquakes has provided a big lesson to be aware of the need for quake-resilient infrastructure. This has been clearly reflected in the budget, with the government setting a target to make under-construction structures earthquake resilient and start monitoring private and public buildings already constructed to check if the structures have been built as per the building code.

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“A team of technicians will be mobilised to supervise the construction of all kinds of public and private buildings,” states the budget speech. The Integrated Rural Settlement Development Programme will be initiated in Bajura district as a model project and will be gradually extended to other vulnerable districts.

After witnessing the huge damage to physical infrastructure and casualties to human life due to the earthquake, the government plans to strictly enforce the building and construction codes to regulate uncontrolled urbanisation. “Integrated and organised settlements will be developed by relocating settlements that were geologically weakened by the earthquake,” as per the budget.

An integrated and well arranged resettlement has been planned for implementation in hill and mountain regions. Similarly, an Integrated Resettlement Master Plan for earthquake affected district headquarters and municipalities of those districts will be prepared and implemented. A resource of Rs 240 million has been allocated for this work.