Private cars to get fuel from tomorrow

Kathmandu, January 4

Motorists will get fuel from more than 150 fuel stations in the Kathmandu Valley between January 6 and 11, based on the registration number of the four-wheelers.

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has assigned different fuel stations to distribute fuel on different days — January 6, 8 and 11 — and the list of the fuel pumps will be published on NOC’s official website by tomorrow, according to NOC’s Spokesperson Mukunda Prasad Ghimire.

“Private cars, jeeps, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans of lot one to six will get fuel on January 6 (Wednesday). Likewise, vehicles under lot six to 10 will get fuel on January 8 (Friday); and the remaining lots will get fuel on January 11 (Monday).”

NOC is planning to distribute 1.3 million litres of petrol in total over the aforementioned three days for petrol-engine vehicles and each vehicle will get 15 litres of fuel. Similarly, diesel-engine vehicles (only cars, jeeps, SUVs and vans) will also get same quantity of fuel.

NOC has been distributing fuel to bigger transportation vehicles and vehicles of emergency services regularly. However, this facility is only for private four-wheelers, which were barred from refuelling facility from October 7. Since then, NOC has distributed fuel only two times for four-wheelers and three times for two-wheelers.

NOC had distributed fuel for two-wheelers from December 8 to 14. The plan to distribute fuel for four-wheelers immediately after that was shelved for long as Metropolitan Police Crime Division started inspections of fuel pumps in the Valley following reports that number of fuel stations had installed remote in pumps and were cheating consumers. The police completed inspection of fuel pumps some two weeks back.

According to Department of Transport Management, there are 140,000 cars, jeeps, SUVs and vans operational in the Valley. NOC has said that almost all private four-wheelers are expected to get fuel between January 6 to 11.