Pvt sector for strict security measures

KATHMANDU: The business community today urged Home Minister Bhim Bahadur Rawal to ensure the security of the business community and the public.

“If necessary bring separate Acts,” said Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) president and Constituent Assembly (CA) member Binod Chaudary at an interaction programme here on ‘Role of government and Private sector in preventing crime and impunity’, organised by the CNI.

“Of late, it is not only the business community but also the public that is fearful of their security,” he said adding that kidnappings have become rampant.

“Though lack of resources and advanced technologies hamper the police, the home ministry should form a special cell and act promptly to boost the confidence of the public and business community both,” he said adding that cases of extortion, kidnapping, blackmailing have nearly destroyed the industrial sector that is the backbone of the country.

“Political patronage also has encouraged criminals,” Chaudhary said adding that political parties and leaders should not encourage criminals by saving them from punishment as that only increases the culture of impunity.

“The present state of the industrial sector can be gauged by the fact that the total GDP — contributed by the industrial sector — has dropped from 10 per cent

to seven per cent,” Chaudary said.

Nawaraj Silwal, SP at the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathamandu, admitted that crimes are increasing and said that the police cannot work in isolation.

“In order to put an end to the culture of impunity, both the public and the private sector must work hand in hand,” he said adding that the police department has come up with preventive policies such as proactive policing, community policing, community interaction and also set up intelligence networks. Silwal said that the business community and children are soft targets of kidnappers.

Birendra Babu Shrestha, SSP of Crime Investigation Division, said that the people have to support the police by providing required information for effective crime investigation.

“Nowadys, criminals are using modern technologies,” said Surendra Bir Malakar, president of Nepal Chambers of Commerce (NCC). “The government should provide required resources to the police department to work efficiently,” he added.

According to former AIG Keshav Badal, capital punishment is not only the solution to put an end to impunity. Rather, there is a need for more investment to reduce the crime rate. “There is also a need for transparency and accountability in order to lower the crime rate.”

Home Minister Rawal assured the business community of tackling the problem and requested the entrepreneurs to submit a memorandum stating the list of their problems. He also committed to provide security to the industrial sector and take immediate action against criminals.