Rajesh Kaji Shrestha, assistant minister for industry, commerce and supplies, inaugurating the 14th and 15th annual general meeting of Nepal Electrical Association (NEA), in the capital said that government would encourage local industries.

“The government would provide necessary facilities to domestic industries,” he said.

Nepal is said to be self-reliant in certain electrical appliances like transformers and cable wires as they are manufactured abundantly.

The home-made electrical appliances are not only replacing the imported ones but also being exported as they are gaining popularity in the foreign markets because of its high quality. The entrepreneurs believe that Nepal would be able to be self-reliant in the production of all kinds of electrical appliances within a few years if the government provides necessary facilities and encourage the local industries.

Currently, Nepal imports electrical appliances worth Rs 3 billion from India and China annually and the Nepali businessmen are facing various problem in customs while importing them. There are 12 cable producing industries, 25 industries producing electrical appliances made of metal and 25 industries producing electrical appliances made of wood and plastics, and transformers.

Surendra Bir Malakar, officiating president of Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) said the Chamber has made special initiatives for promotion of industries producing electrical appliances.

Chairman of the Association, Kumar Das Ranjit urged for support of local industry.

Various speakers expressed their views on the occasion, where Kumar Das Ranjit was unanimously appointed new chairman.