Renault to offer green vehicles

Paris, January 3 :

French carmaker Renault has outlined plans for the production of ‘green’ cars in cooperation with its alliance partner Nissan with an electric-powered vehicle scheduled for European markets by 2010.

The fuel-cell vehicle, for use mainly in cities, would be equipped with lithium-ionic batteries with some of the energy regained through braking power.

Renault announced that by the year 2009, half of its petrol-engined vehicles in Europe would be able to run on fuels containing upto 85 per cent ethanol. Renault diesel cars will run on fuel containing upto 30 per cent bio-diesel.

From 2007, Renault would offer the Trafic and Master transporter vans with the alternative fuels. A special version of the Megane fitted with an 81 KW/110 hp power unit would run on ethanol fuel.