Dhangadhi, April 23:

The revenue collection at Kailali Customs Office has exceeded its target by 133 per cent to over Rs 206.2 million during the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2006-07.

According to recent statistics, the office collected Rs 100,423,000 worth of value added tax VAT) during the period. It collected revenues totaling Rs 76,256,000 from customs, Rs 1,608,000 from excise duty, Rs 7,705,000 from special tax, Rs 13,902,000 from local development fee and Rs 6,312,000 from road improvement levy.

Kailali Customs Office has set a target of revenue collection for current fiscal year at Rs 258,000,000. It had collected revenue of Rs 180,577,000 in nine months of the last fiscal different heads like VAT, customs and excise duty.

It is learnt that the small area (chhoti) customs office Satti that was reinstated recently has made some progress in revenue collection over the past some months, while other similar customs check points have not been able to register satisfactory progress.

A total of seven area customs offices located along the border between Nepal and India in Kailali district were shifted or closed due to conflict for the last ten years. The area customs offices at Satti (Khakraula), Bardawa, Prithvipur and Sonafanta have come into operation again along with the improvement in law and order situation and the end of the conflict.