Reward programme encourages locals to ask for VAT-added bills

Himalayan News Service

Biratnagar, April 26:

With the purpose of creating awareness among local businessmen, a Conscious Consumers Uphar Programme (CCUP) has been started for the first time in Biratnagar. Following the programme, the locals are slowly becoming conscious about taking VAT added bills. It is CCUP, which is encouraging them to receive the VAT added bills. After successfully implementing CCUP in Kathmandu from 1st Magh, the programme has now been launched in Pokhara and Biratnagar from the beginning of the New Year 2061 BS.

Consumers, who were not so interested to take bills earlier while buying goods, are now collecting bills. An organisation called Sulux Forum has started the CCUP in three major cities, including Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Morang Chambers of Commerce is assisting in launching this programme in Biratnagar. CCUP is being popular in eastern Nepal, said Shiva Kumar Katuwal, chief at Internal Revenue office (IRO), Biratnagar.

“We have started this programme here for trial,” he said, adding some 600 coupons have been distributed in Biratnagar. Until 23rd April, some 498 coupons have already been distributed to consumers. Demanding additional coupons, IRO has dispatched a letter to the revenue department, said Katuwal. Due to publicity, the programme is getting increasingly popular among consumers. Businessmen in the eastern parts, who were not demanding bills while purchasing goods, have started using VAT bills as well.

Consumers can receive one coupon if they buy goods worth at least Rs 1,000. The coupons are being distributed from the office of Morang Chambers of Commerce and IRO, Biratnagar.

The result of the CCUP is published every six months. The consumer, holding the first position, is given Rs 100,000 while two second position holders get Rs 20,000 each. Three third position holders get Rs 10,000 rupees each. There is also provision for ten more people to get Rs 3,000 each. Meanwhile, IRO, Biratnagar has claimed that the office has collected revenues more than what was expectation from Srawan to Chitra. Some Rs 800 millions in revenue have been collected within nine months. Last year, Rs 740 millions worth of revenue had been collected within the same period. Close to Rs 1,200 millions in revenue is expected to be collected during the fiscal years 2060-61 BS. Last year, Rs 1,014 millions were collected, informed the IRO.