Devdas Shrestha

Charikot, January 28:

Wishes of the people from Dolakha district’s remote areas of Chilankha, Shyama, Khopachagu and Lapilang VDCs that they will illuminate their villages and also increase their income by selling generated energy, shall come true only after a period of five years from the beginning of the power project.

The district development committee, rural energy development programme Dolakha in accordance with the policy of implementing rural electrification programme in villages, will generate altogether 76 kilowatts — 30 kilowatts from Syankhu river small hydel project in Chilankha VDC, 18 kilowatts from Bulung river hydel project of Shyama VDC, 13 kilowatts from Khopachagu VDC’s Ghattekhola small hydel project and 15 kilowatts from Lapilang VDC’s Pudkukhola small hydel project.

According to the programme, 3,877 residents of 845 households will benefit from the project. Of which, the Chilankha VDC’s Syankhu river small hydel project will soon come into operation. 158 litres of water per second will be pumped through 355 mitre long canal from the local Syankhu river, which will be sent 38 mitres down to the turbine for generating 30 kilowatts of electricity. 240 households of the Chilankha VDC and 90 households of Alampu VDC will receive electricity from this project.

The project, with a total investment of Rs 3,969,434 will have Rs 2.1 million from the district development committee rural energy development programme under its alternative energy promotion centre and rural energy development programme.