San Miguel’s ‘Explore’ campaign

Kathmandu, October 22

San Miguel has announced the commencement of its new campaign based on its established and well-known theme ‘Explore’ to iconic destinations.

‘Explore’ is a global campaign initiated by San Miguel Brewery, Philippines. Following the steps, with the motive to promote travel and tourism, ‘Explore’ campaign in Nepal will reach different areas in country and rediscover these destinations, as per a media release.

San Miguel initiated its ‘Explore’ campaign last year, which was a huge success.  This time San Miguel is continuing the same theme with the objective to rediscover interesting places around Nepal when ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ is just around the corner. This year, the campaign targets journey to adventuresome places around the country in a bid to promote and give it a new touch of interesting facts and arrays of speciality the place holds.

Renowned YouTube vloggers like Chetan Raj Karki, Ghumante, ‘Nepal 8th wonder’ and Sisan Baniya, will go around different destinations and showcase unique things about destinations.

It is scheduled that Chetan will explore the intense and thrilling rafting at Bhotekoshi, Ghumante will walk around Manjushree trail, while ‘Nepal 8th wonder’ will go on an adventurous trip to the Everest Base Camp and Sisan Baniya will go on a feat to cover the Annapurna Base Camp.

Being a favoured beverage in Nepal since 1994, San Miguel aims to explore the profundity of nature, friendship, and relaxation. San Miguel aims to aid domestic as well as international tourism given that Nepal has lots of attractions which need more exploration, identification and rediscovery.