Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Biratnagar, June 29:

Scarcity of chemical fertiliser has gripped majority of the districts in the eastern region which is said to have a huge impact on cultivation. Farmers here have been facing trouble due to lack of chemical fertiliser. The chemical fertilisers imported into the country at the initiative of the farmers have also been confiscated by the security personnel adding to the woes of the poor farmers. Lack of fertilisers in the plantation season will lead to malnutrition of the vegetation, decrease in production and loss in the investment made by the farmers, they complain. Morang district alone requires 12,062 metric tonnes of urea, 6,123 metric tonnes of DAP and 2,552 metric tonne potassium in a year, according to Balram Koirala, chief at the agriculture development office. Agriculture Input Corporation, Biratnagar has said that it would be supplying 400 metric tonnes of DAP in Morang district and 1,600 metric tonnes in the entire region.