Shekhar Golchha wins the race for senior VP in FNCCI

KATHMANDU: The months-long race for the post of senior vice-president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) ended today, with industrialist Shekhar Golchha becoming the new senior vice-president of the organisation.

As per the new statute of FNCCI, which has a provision to automatically appoint the incumbent senior vice-president of FNCCI to the top post in the next term, Golchha will lead the organisation for three years after Bhawani Rana, who assumed the top post of FNCCI from today.

It was a clear win for Golchha, who beat his opponent, industrialist Kishore Pradhan, by 396 votes. While 216 FNCCI members cast their ballot for Pradhan, Golchha received a total of 612 votes.

Though Pradhan secured more number of votes than Golchha in the commodity sector, the latter led the other two sectors — district and municipal chapter and associates — which assured his win for the senior vice-president's post. As per FNCCI statue, district and municipal votes have 50 per cent weightage in the election and associates votes have 30 per cent weightage.

After the win, Golchha simply said, "I am thankful to all the voters."

Similarly, Chandra Prasad Dhakal has been unanimously elected to the post of vice-president of FNCCI from associates. Umesh Lal Pradhan has become the vice-president (commodity) bypassing his opponents — Anup Bahadur Malla and Shankar Prasad Pandey.

Pramod Shrestha has become the vice-president (district and municipal chapter) of FNCCI by defeating his competitor Dinesh Shrestha. Pramod is the only candidate from Kishore’s panel to secure a place in one of the top posts in FNCCI.