Shri Ram Sugar Mill deposits Rs 250m

KATHMANDU: Shri Ram Sugar Mill has so far deposited a total of Rs 250 million in farmers’ accounts.

After repeated protests by sugarcane farmers, the sugar mills have started clearing their dues under pressure from the government.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Shri Ram Sugar Mill has to pay Rs 267.77 million to sugarcane farmers as due payment of the last six years. Similarly, Annapurna Sugar Mill has set up an account worth Rs 50 million to make payments to farmers.

According to the ministry, Annapurna Sugar Mill, which has been in operation for six years, has Rs 170 million in due payment. Similarly, Indira Sugar Mill has Rs 47 million, Mahalaxmi Sugar Mill has Rs two million and Lumbini Sugar Mill has due payment of Rs 84.1 million. But cane farmers claim the six sugar mills owe them a total of Rs 900 million.