Sugarcane farmers fail to get price

Gulariya, January 23:

Sugarcane farmers of Gulariya Municipality complained that they have not yet got price of sugarcane sold four years ago to Basuling Sugar Mill, Chuha in Kailali District. The mill has still to pay Rs 1.6 million to some 150 farmers since 2060 BS.

Uttam Kumar Yadav of Gulariya-3 said that he did not get Rs 1,00,000 from the mill and when he visited the mill, the mill authorities told that money will be sent to farmers’ accounts.

Agriculture Development Bank is going to auction lands of some of the farmers who could not pay their loan taken for sugarcane farming.

Gulariya municipality has suitable weather for sugarcane farming and half of the municipality has been farming sugarcane.