Surya Nepal unveils new corporate logo

Kathmandu, November 14:

Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd (SNPL), the first Indo-Nepal-British joint venture company in the country, has unveiled its new corporate logo. According to a press release issued today, SNPL’s new corporate logo is ‘Surya’ (Sun) rising from behind a mountain, which typifies values of positive energy, leadership, dynamism and consistency. The rising sun symbolises SNPL’s passion for excellence, expanding horizons and resolve to create international quality products with a proud ‘Made in Nepal’ label, states the release. The mountain in the logo stands for the company’s roots in Nepal and reflects heritage as a valuable economic organ of the society.

SNPL has also stated the rising sun represents optimism for the future, and a deep conviction that by generating employment, earning foreign exchange, and through sincere efforts to promote health, education, rural empowerment, sports and tourism. Besides businesses, SNPL is also active in social development activities through various initiatives like Surya Nepal Asha, Surya Nepal Suswasthya, Surya Nepal Prakriti and Surya Nepal Khelparyatan.