After successful launch in India, Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of TATA Motors for Nepal, has unveiled Idica V2 Xeta (petrol) in the market today.

Xeta meets Euro III for emission standard and its 70PS petrol engine gives 14 km per litre (under test condition), states a press release issued here today by the company.

The latest model from Tata — V2 Xeta — is available in five different colours , three of which are exclusive to it, (lagoon blue, palm green and salsa red) and the price ranges from Rs 945,000 to Rs 1,246,000.

The 32 bit microprocessor in Xeta petrol engine includes a knock sensor, which ensures better performance and maintains high efficiency. The Tata Motors launched the Xeta earlier this year in India, where more than 12,000 units has already been sold, claims the company.