Tatopani, Rasuwagadi customs opened

KATHMANDU: The Department of Customs has formally opened the Tatopani and Rasuwagadi customs points from Thursday after the government took a decision to open these border points on Wednesday.

The major border points along China had remained closed since the last three months. As per Suman Dahal, director-general of the Department of Customs, Nepali customs officials are adopting all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from the border.

“In such a situation we need to take all the precautionary measures that we possibly can,” he said. Dahal informed that the department has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs for security and immigration services. “We have also asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies to make necessary arrangements,” he said. Meanwhile, the government has increased the number of health workers at both the customs points. Previously, the medical teams at these points were being led by health assistants but now medical officers have been deployed at both customs offices.