Taxis, two-wheelers to get fuel

Kathmandu, January 18

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is gearing up to start distributing fuel to taxis and two-wheelers from Wednesday.

NOC took this decision today following the instruction from the Ministry of Supplies, which directed it to distribute fuel to the private vehicles so that tankers ferrying fuel from India can easily unload petroleum products.

This is because fuel tankers have been facing problems in unloading petroleum products due to Thankot Depot of NOC being fully stocked since last few days.

According to NOC Spokesperson Mukunda Ghimire, taxis will get 10 litres of petrol two-days-a-week for two weeks.

Taxis with even number plate will get fuel on Wednesday and those with odd numbers will get fuel on Thursday from the fuel pumps listed by NOC.

The list of the fuel pumps will be published on NOC’s website on Tuesday.

Moreover, NOC will also provide five litres of petrol to two-wheelers of 1-30 lots on Wednesday from 53 fuel stations of the Valley.

The list of the fuel pumps has been published on NOC’s website today and the list of fuel stations for the remaining lots will be published on Tuesday, according to Ghimire.

Earlier NOC had included taxis in fuel rationing like other public transportation.

However, taxis were later barred from refuelling facility as NOC suspected cab drivers were engaging in black-marketing of rationed fuel.