Technical glitch hits DoTM’s online application for driving licence

Kathmandu, November 23

The Department Of Transport Management (DoTM) started accepting driving licence application from today, after a gap of more than one month. However, service seekers could not file their online applications for driving licence even today due to an error in the online system of the department.

Citing the festive season, the DoTM had stopped accepting online applications for driving licences since mid-October.

DoTM officials said that a technical error was witnessed at the department’s server today because of which the department did not entertain any applications for driving licences. “The server went down probably because thousands of service seekers tried registering their applications for driving licences at once today,” an official at DoTM informed, adding that DoTM will soon start accepting online applications after rectifying the technical error.

However, it is not the first time that online application for driving licences has been halted. The DoTM has been time and again halting the vehicle trial citing technical issues. DoTM is under pressure to issue smart driving licences as per demand

following its low printing capacity of smart cards. As a result, the department is yet to issue smart driving licences to almost 600,000 service seekers who passed their vehicle trial examination months back.

Meanwhile, DoTM has recently allowed Malika Incorporate, a private company, to print at least 500,000 smart driving licence cards. Once the private firm prints the said amount of smart cards, DoTM officials said that the department will be able to issue all pending driving licences.

Malika Incorporate is expected to hand over 500,000 smart cards to DoTM within the next few weeks. The company has been printing up to 5,000 smart driving cards every day through its 20 printers.