Kathmandu, August 24:

Constellation Pvt Ltd, the Thuraya satellite phone service provider in Nepal, has unveiled a new prepaid scheme — ThurayaEco — for satellite phone users.

The new scheme has promised to provide discount rates for making calls through Thuraya satellite GSP phone, states a press release issued here by Constellation Pvt Ltd, today.

ThurayaEco provides competitive, terrestrial like pricing for a premium satellite service that offers uninterrupted blanket coverage not only in urban areas, but also in the remote and rural regions, claims the company.

Under the new scheme, calling charges to international destinations with ThurayaEco has been reduced to 39 cents ($0.39) per minute, while Thuraya to Thuraya is 20 cents ($0.20). “The incoming calls are free,” states the press release.

In terms of Nepali currency at current exchange rate, calling rate to all the international and

national destinations comes to at around Rs 26 per minute using ThurayaEco, which is almost equal to the CDMA technology based wireless telephones.

Incoming calls on Thuraya phones are free of charge, while users can also send SMS to Thuraya mobile for 25 cents per SMS. “Users can also take advantage of sending data/fax and browse internet via GmPRS service,” states the release adding that the company is hopeful of giving better services to its customers.