Travel Mart to boost tourism

Kathmandu, May 6:

The three-day NATTA Himalayan International Travel Mart 2007 from May 11 to 13, 2007 in Kathmandu is being organised with a clear objective to promote myriad tourism products of Nepal, its culture and lifestyle of people among international tourists.

The fair also aims at boosting domestic tourism by highlighting different destinations and encouraging a competitive environment for service development among them.

“At this fair, we hope to bring together all the stakeholders of Nepali tourism development, marketing and promotion agencies. For, tourism is not an isolated domain of just Nepal tourism Board but involves everybody,” pointed out Subhash Nirola, officiating CEO of NTB, announcing the details of the travel mart to the media this afternoon.

Dhrub Narayan Shreshta, NATTA president shared details of the participating countries. More than 100 tour operators from India, Bangladesh, China, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE to name some, have already confirmed their participation. However, the 1st NATTA International Travel Mart in 2005 had been participated in by more than 200 tour operators.

According to NTB officials, the travel mart this year is bound to attract more international attention as it is being conducted in a changed political environment. Holding such fairs was imperative for the country in order to send out the message of prevailing peace and tranquility to the world community.

Moreover, it was a perfect platform for both local and foreign tour operators to know each others’ requirements for future. The ultimate goal, of course, is to establish Nepal as the most “enchanting next generation holiday destination,” they added.